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Game of 3 Halves comes to the Valley
Game of 3 Halves Event – Valley Leisure Centre 10.00am on Saturday 30th August

Game of 3 Halves comes to the Valley

 Game of Three Halves comes to the Valley Leisure Centre

We believe that ”children who play together can learn to live together.” (PeacePlayers International–Northern Ireland)

In the Game of Three Halves on 30th August (10.00am – 3.00pm) at the Valley Leisure Centre, children will have the chance to train and compete in football, Gaelic football and rugby receiving guidance from professional coaches from the Gaelic Athletic Association, Ulster Rugby and the Irish Football Association.

In addition to improving their skills in these four sports, participants have the chance to talk about the challenges of life in a segregated society. During these conversations PeacePlayers will use its proven community relations curriculum, which is designed to challenge commonly held notions about symbols, stereotypes and prejudices.

Gareth Harper, Managing Director of PeacePlayers says, “We are excited to host this event on behalf of the CAN PEACE III Partnership. In Northern Ireland basketball is viewed as a neutral sport, and as such is an excellent entry point for discussions about the things that create division in our society.

The Game of Three Halves, which incorporates three games from Northern Ireland’s rich sporting heritage is the culmination of a number of sessions delivered through summer schemes and other youth activities across the three boroughs.”

“For many children this will be the first time they play sport alongside a teammate from the “other side” ”added Harper. “While everyone will have a great time, they will also walk away better equipped to address some of the challenges they face on daily basis.”

The session is open to any child aged 9–13, and for those who have never played some of the sports before there is an opportunity to sharpen your skills at a training session on Saturday 23 August 12.30–3.30pm.

Please note as these events are for 9–13 year olds, parental registration either online or on the day will be required

For further information contact or 90 667416


”To challenge attitudes towards sectarianism and racism and
  to support conflict resolution and mediation at the local community level.”