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An Artistic Take on Turbulent Times
60 works by 50 artists, some of which have not been seen in decades. The exhibition closes on 7th September

An Artistic Take on Turbulent Times


Art of the Troubles offers avenues for exploring the way in which the Troubles have been viewed by a range of artists and for reflecting on the manifestations and impact of violence and division in our society.

The exhibition, which is approaching its end date of 7th September, comprises 60 works, including paintings, drawings, photographs, videos and sculpture. It explores a broad range of themes including violence and destruction, suffering and loss, traditions and life in the midst of turmoil.

The exhibition brings together the work of 50 artists from Northern Ireland and beyond including Joe McWilliams, Willie Doherty, FE McWilliam, Rita Duffy, Paul Seawright, Jack Pakenham, Micheal Farrell and Richard Hamilton.

Through the Bridging Our Community Gap programme, the CAN PEACE III Partnership is delighted to offer the opportunity of a guided tour of this thought provoking exhibition followed by a workshop and lunch. 

To find out more about the exhibition watch the short video by Culture Northern Ireland here

 To register for the guided tour and workshop on Wednesday 3rd September (11.00am  – 2.00pm) please contact Claire Fox on or 90340033

Transport from Mossley Mill will be available leaving the Mill at 10.15am


”To challenge attitudes towards sectarianism and racism and
  to support conflict resolution and mediation at the local community level.”